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Reviews of jobs and online income opportunities

Find real jobs and online income opportunities
Making Online Cash gives you more than 30 comparisons and reviews of online work-at-home jobs and online income opportunities. Some of these jobs and online income opportunities pay up to $270/hour. And all that you need is in front of you: a computer and Internet access. You basically work from home!

We define a good online job as one that is...

Flexible - Allows you to work around YOUR schedule
Rewarding - Pays a reasonable return so your time is well spent
Interesting - Gives you a diverse way to use your PC for profit

This doesn't mean that making money online will be easy. While making money easily would be fun, we haven't found that type of opportunity yet. In fact, learning how to make money online easily is probably the biggest mystery around. All the jobs and income opportunities presented here require persistence, organization, and effort. Go into these with realistic expectations, enjoy making extra income from home and most of all have fun!

Make Money Online

When Nelson Anderson, 50, was given the pink slip in March 2004, he wasn't really concerned. He had a great resume, with almost 20 years of experience and numerous references describing him as highly accomplished and competent. It hurt to be let go, but he'd been there before - three times. And almost every time he'd end up in a better place. One year later, he's still looking for that place. Or any place, in fact.

Retrenchment is happening everywhere. Protect yourself now by having more than one income stream. People are already making $1000, $2000, even $10 000 online every month! Start learning how they do it today.

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Find real jobs and online income opportunities at I just want to say that you guys have done a great site! Initially, I didn't know to believe in all these opportunities, but your honest and down-to-earth reviews gave me the final push to try them out, and I'm glad that I did! I am doing some really cool assignments as a mystery shopper now, and I love it! Thanks again!
-Sally A. Mickens, Canada is a 5-Star site. An excellent collection of paid survey companies that'll pay you top dollar for sharing your opinions. The collection is broad, qualitative, updated regularly and well organized. Customer support is fast and reliable. The King of paid surveys!
-Gerard S., Israel

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